Static Windows Mail Backup

Static Windows Mail Backup 2.9

Windows Mail Backup is a powerful backup tool which can backup your email

How many times have we found ourselves in the awkward situation where we give our computer to the IT guy so he can repair our computer, and when he asks “What should I backup” we make the always-made mistake and answer: “word and excel files please”. That is totally wrong; I mean what is going on in our minds? We forget an uncountable number of things: pictures, music songs, web browser favorites, and, in many of the cases: our mails. Ever since I began using my email, I stopped writing by hand, besides I have terrible hand writing, and writing an email, is just wonderful, you can reach any person, anywhere around the world by just a couple of clicks, and you don’t have to wait for the mailman to deliver it, 5 minutes after you sent the mail, the recipient has it in his/her inbox, and if he or she is not around, the email will stay there the next time the email client is opened. Anyway, a fact is that, many times, we can not or simply we forget to make a copy of our emails. Windows Mailbackup Express, helps us to obtain a fast and reliable copy of our emails. With few clicks we can get the job done, without a problem. We open the program and after welcoming the user, it gets right away to work. First asks if the user wants to backup or to restore, then, in either case, the user is prompted to choose what files are to be worked with, then a name for the backup file should be picked up; the user can also select if the backup file should be compressed or password protected. After going through these simple steps, the program begins working and creates a backup from emails, favorites, “my documents” folder, mail settings, mail databases and windows contacts. I think is a nice tool because it can get the job done, without wasting the user’s time. I really recommend it.

Rodrigo Rodriguez
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  • Is small
  • Is fast
  • Is easy


  • It would be nice if it can be scheduled for automatic backups
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